Register for Thesis Examination

[NEW] Procedures for offline examination are updated!

In the transition from the implementation of seminars & exams which were originally conducted online to offline, there are some minor changes to the requirements and registration procedures. Click the button below to read the latest guidelines.

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Getting Started

⚠ Read the procedures for the preparation and implementation of the thesis examination below.

Registration Procedures

  1. Student ID (download here)
  2. Passport Photo (2×3), formal with blue background.
  3. KKN certificate (scanned)
  4. PPL certificate (scanned)
  5. Bakti Kampus certificate (scanned)
  6. University’s Surat Keterangan Bebas Pinjam Perpustakaan (scanned)
  7. Faculty’s Surat Keterangan Bebas Pinjam Perpustakaan
  8. Latest Study Plan Filling Sheet (LIRS). 
  9. Latest transcript (download here)
  10. Evidence of consultation / guidance (Screenshot of WhatsApp, email, or Google Classroom, compile as a PDF file)
  11. Thesis approval for examination (signed PDF)
  12. Thesis Writing Supervisor & Article Review Team Decrees (SK Pembimbing) – view example
  13. Examiner Decree (view example)
  14. Thesis examination audience proof (3x audience, 1x notetaker)
  15. Thesis exam statement letter (download template)
  16. TUTEP certificate or payment receipt (Minimal TUTEP/TOEFL score: 480)
  17. Proof of Free Administration from Operator’s Counter (issue it after your schedule is fixed)
  18. Research article draft
  19. Family ID card (1 hard copy & 1 PDF scan)
  20. Data print out from PDDIKTI (1 hard copy & 1 PDF file)
  21. Thesis examination application form (SIMANTA)
  22. Cover letter (Surat Pengantar Sidang) from the head of the department (submitted to Academic counter for the issuance of the invitation letter)
  23. Examination invitation letter
  24. Exam presentation PPT


  • File name format for each document: your name – document name (i.e.: Amalia Wigati – SK Pembimbing)
  • Recruit your notetaker here.
  1. Check the supervisors and the examiners’ availability (click here) (⚠ Make your own manual checking for scheduling during Ramadhan). Check the student schedule slot here.
  2. Book your schedule to the admin.
  3. Confirm the schedule to the supervisors & the examiners for availability. (Repeat step #1 if one of the supervisors/examiners is/are not available).
  4. Confirm the fixed schedule to admin.
  1. Print the thesis examination registration form (SIMANTA), fill and sign using the Adobe Fiil & Sign app. 
  2. Send all the requirements & the thesis examination registration form to the head of study program.
  1. Submit the signed  & validated examination application form (SIMANTA) to the Language Department office staff (Bu Iin).
  2. Complete the cover letter (Surat Pengantar dari Ketua Jurusan) with the signature and validation mark (See FAQs No. 3)
  1. Submit the signed & validated cover letter (surat pengantar sidang) to the Academic counter for the issuance of the Invitation Letter, Minutes of Thesis Examination, and Examiner Decree.


  •  The Examiner Decree (SK Penguji) will be available at least one day after completing your registration.
  1. Upload following documents on Telegram:
    • Examination Report (Berita Acara)
    • Invitation Letter
    • Supervisor Decree (SK Pembimbing)
    • Examiner Decree (SK Penguji)
  2. Click the button below to upload all the requirements.


The Minutes of Thesis Examination (BA) will be issued by the Study Program after the results of the thesis examination are announced. Students must have a BA as proof of having passed the thesis exam.

After completing your examination, update your status by uploading the Examination Report, Invitation Letter, and Examiner Decree via the button below. 

Important Notes

  1. The thesis should include the signed approval page before sending it to the supervisors and examiners.
  2. The examiner decree and invitation letter must be sent to the supervisors and examiners.
  3. Make sure your devices and internet connection are in good condition for the examinetion.
  4. You are recommended to do rehearsal before the examination is taking place.