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[NEW] Procedures for offline seminar is updated!

In the transition from the implementation of seminars & exams which were originally conducted online to offline, there are some minor changes to the requirements and registration procedures. Click the button below to read the latest guidelines.

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Getting started

⚠ Read the procedures for the preparation and implementation of the seminar below.

Registration Procedures


Minutes of Seminar (BA) will be issued by Study Program after the results of the seminar are announced. Students must have a BA as proof of having passed the proposal seminar.

After completing your seminar, update your status by uploading the
Seminar Report and Invitation Letter via the button below.

Important Notes

  1. The proposal should include the signed approval page before sending it to the supervisors and examiners.
  2. The invitation letter must be sent to the supervisors and examiners.
  3. Make sure your devices and internet connection are in good condition for the examinetion.
  4. You are recommended to do rehearsal before the examination is taking place.